Driving Instructions
New Orleans Grip Truck Rental
5 Ton Grip Truck New Orleans 
5 Ton Grip Truck $450.00/Day 
All grip equipment on our 24' Volvo 5 Ton Grip Trucks is American Grip. A tungsten lighting package and a complete electrical distribution package are carried on the truck for your convenience. We can also add HMI, LED and Kino Flo lighting to complete your package. As the only authorized Fisher Dolly representative in New Orleans we can also add a Fisher 10 or Fisher 11 Dolly and a Fisher 21 jib arm for your project.
Detailed copy of our 5 Ton Grip Truck Price List

  • Three simple steps to proceed with a rental: a signed rental agreement, a credit card form and insurance certificate. (Please see insurance requirements on "Terms & Conditions" page.)
  • We have a list of a few local electricians and grips that are available as grip truck drivers who have a current and valid Louisiana commercial driver's license.
  • The grip truck driver's wages not included in price of trucks. Grip truck drivers are independent contractors and charge for their services from portal to portal.
826 Jefferson Highway
New Orleans, Louisiana 70121
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