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Terms and Conditions


Three simple steps are required for rental.


1.      Rental Agreement.  

A rental contract must be signed by an authorized agent of the company and returned to our office prior to the beginning of the rental. Equipment may be picked up between 3-5PM the day before the rental begins and must be returned the day following the last rental day between 9-10AM.


2.      Insurance Certificate.

An endorsed insurance certificate naming us additionally insured and loss payee which  should include an All-Loss Physical Damage/Miscellaneous Equipment Policy covering the replacement value of the rented equipment and provide a minimum of $1 Million in General Liability. When renting a truck, you need to provide a minimum of $1 Million in Commercial Auto Liability and Physical Damage (Comprehensive/Collision) Coverage for non-owned/rented Autos or All Autos. (Short term production insurance is available online at reasonable prices at buymyinsurancenow.com or insuremyequipmentnow.com)


3.      Credit Card Security Form.

This form needs to be filled out regardless of how your final payment is to be made. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard & American Express. Payment in full is expected at the end of the rental period, except where otherwise agreed upon by Available Lighting and until a working relationship is established. Invoices over $500.00 paid with a credit card will be assessed a 4% credit card processing fee. Please notify us before the rental begins about how you will be settling your charges.



Please allow sufficient time for us to process your documents. After we receive your order, we will send you the required documents. You may also download them on this page, or on the “Useful Documents” page. We will then provide you with an estimate for your review and approval. After having agreed to the rental terms, it is your responsibility to understand how to set up and operate the equipment before leaving our facility. We will provide instructions to operate the equipment if necessary. Upon return of the equipment we will inspect all items and report any loss or damage to you as soon as possible. Any burned out bulbs need be returned for credit. We will then, as quickly as possible, generate a final invoice detailing all rentals, services and expendables and send you a copy of the invoice.

For your convenience, we have provided a link to our rental agreement, our credit card security form and third party insurance websites for short term production insurance.

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Rental Contract

Rental Contract with Grip Truck
Credit Card Form

We accept the following methods of payment: company checks, Visa, Master Card or American Express.

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