New Orleans Grip Truck Rental

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Grip Trucks

GripTruck Rental in New Orleans, LA

At Available Lighting, we are always updating equipment to reflect the constant change of the lighting and grip industry. We offer customizable truck packages to meet your production needs. Our 1 Ton Sprinter Van is great for smaller jobs or if you need something like a dolly or large carts, we have a 1 Ton Grip Truck with a lift gate. Our 3 Ton Grip Trucks and 5 Ton Grip Trucks are for larger jobs. Big or small, we can help you outfit your project and can provide a list of local independent electricians and grips that are available as approved grip truck drivers. The grip truck driver’s wages are not included in the price of trucks.
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Mercedes Sprinter 1 Ton Grip Van

Sprinter Van

Our Mercedes Grip Van is perfect for small shoots.

1 Ton Grip Truck

Our 16′ 1 Ton Grip Truck carries the latest in grip equipment.

1 ton grip truck Isuzu

3 Ton Grip Truck

Our 16′ 3 Ton Grip Trucks are packed with a large grip package in a smaller truck.

5 ton grip truck

5 Ton Grip Truck

All grip equipment on our 24′ Volvo 5 Ton Grip Trucks is American Grip.